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PeopleSmart provide innovative learning solutions through a dedicated network of 60+ consultants working globally, providing Consulting, Coaching and Learning Services to a variety of clients in a wide range of languages. Our consultants are multi-cultural and well-traveled with successful track records in business. They take pride in delivering what they offer with passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. Transforming leaders and the workplace can be complex and demands careful people management. PeopleSmart supports companies through such transitions by offering practical, easy to implement and effective interventions. Why use PeopleSmart? 1. Our Agile Approach focuses on experiential learning that creates both cognitive and emotional engagement and impact. 2. Partnership for Design and Delivery; we have extensive experience of co-designing and co-delivering multi-faceted solutions with our clients, 3. Global Reach: PeopleSmart has global delivery and coaching capabilities in over 20+ languages. 4. Return on Investment (ROI) Our client loyalty index of 92% shows that our clients appreciate the value they get from working with PeopleSmart. Contact Chris Pether (cpether@peoplesmart.fr) or Michael Banks (mbanks@peoplesmart.fr) for more information
InContext is an extraordinary consulting firm that helps organizations and their people to be the best they possibly can be. Breathing life into their vision, rethinking their business, fueling growth, finding new ways and helping you to bring sustainable value and change to everyone in and around your company. We are specialized in Strategy & Transformation, Leadership Development and Business games and simulations. Contact Stanley Wylenzek (swylenzek@incontext.nl) or Gary Andrews (gandrews@incontext.nl) for more information on how to get your organization ready for the future.
h&z Management Consulting
Transformation with Head, Heart and Hand is our mission. We help leading European corporations to transform from good to great. Besides working on the overall strategic and organizational set-up we provide specific expertise along the supply chain, starting from R&D through purchasing and shop-floor management up-to logistics and sales. 500 consultants work within the h&z Group; as a member of the worldwide club “The Transformation Alliance” over 800 consultants support our clients globally, from Sao Paolo to Pittsburgh, from Sydney to Stockholm. They combine digital competence with process expertise and a proper dose of transformation. For our specific approach – which puts the main emphasis at the people before processes and tools – we have been awarded the prestigious Hidden Champion Award on transformation and business excellence, twice. h&z employs consultants who mostly come from corporate practice themselves. Digital transformation in particular requires a great deal of knowledge about the technologies to be employed. On the other hand, an important building block for success is close support in the implementation of better operational processes, perfect customer experiences or completely new business models. With the “Digital Performance Analysis” we provide a clear and customized map of the way into the digital age. Our h&z Academy supports the transformation process by using customized and personalized
SPARQ360 helps midsize and large organizations around the World to better ACTIVATE THE COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE in their organization and their network, to become best in class, agile, innovative and leaders in their industry or sector. Our services support successful programs for Culture & Engagement, Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Change management and Supply Chain Optimization. The SPARQ360 Value CircleTM provides a unique suite of integrated end to end solutions that include DIALOGUE to listen well to the suggestions of your large and worldwide spread organization, IDEATION to generate specific ideas and solutions and use all knowledge of your crowd and REALIZATION to make it happen. Our ENGAGEMENT solutions help to get a clear insight in the culture of your organization and the needs of your people. Our experienced people, certified global processes and unique technology provides solutions that you won't find anywhere else in the market. With offices and teams in the USA, Germany and the Netherlands, we successfully supported many midsize and large organizations in sectors as Healthcare, Private Equities, Corporate, Government and Public organizations to realize large improvements in productivity quality, culture & motivation, process and product innovations.
OrangeTrail helps organisations bridge the gap between technology and employees. Operating globally, we ensure high adoption rates of technology, which delivers better organisational performance and more effective days at work. Our focus helps people to start using technology because they understand how it benefits both them and their organisation. We do this while remaining financially independent from all technology providers. Nonetheless, we stay close enough to them to be at the leading edge of new developments. We are an official adoption partner of both Microsoft and Workplace by Facebook and we also partner with many other technology companies.
Accenture solves the toughest technological challenges through standout strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Working with over three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, we drive innovation and shape world around us. With expertise in more than 40 industries and all business functions, we deliver ground-breaking outcomes for a new digital world. Our Talent & Organization ambition is to help clients to be Future Workforce proof and be recognized as the #1 (Digital) workforce and HR transformation partner in the Netherlands. We combine the best of our HR, Talent and Change capabilities across Strategy, Consulting, Technology, Digital value for our client while bringing measurable results.

Previous Sponsors

The Oxford Group
The Oxford Group has been unlocking leadership and management potential for the world’s top businesses for over 30 years. We develop the skills, behaviours and mindsets of leaders and managers to give them the tools they need to address key issues in the workplace and drive business performance. Lasting measurable change is hard to achieve but we believe that our approach is the perfect catalyst for meaningful growth and long-term success. Our specialisms are transformational leadership, employee engagement, executive coaching, talent management and management capability.
Wemanity co-creates, with its clients, all the products, services, and internal startups needed to transform their organization and open up the corporate spirit. Wemanity believes “accomplishing together” is the future for companies. Instead of pushing matrices and deadlines on clients, Wemanity works with them to offer services based on collective implementation and intelligence. The ultimate objective is to look at how work is organized and to rebuild it around positive principles. In this way, Wemanity dramatically changes the classic approach to consulting, by using collaboration as the indispensable condition to achieving innovation and the success of large corporations.
PA Consulting
An innovation and transformation consultancy, we believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology-driven world. As strategies, technologies and innovation collide, we turn complexity into opportunity. Our diverse teams of experts combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to progress further, faster. Our clients adapt and transform, and together we achieve enduring results. We are over 2,600 specialists in consumer, defence and security, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and transport, travel and logistics. And we operate globally from offices across the Americas, Europe, the Nordics and the Gulf. PA. Bringing Ingenuity to Life.
Global Mindset
Global Mindset is a consulting company dedicated to helping leaders and organisations reach their fullest potential. We transform global organizations by developing leaders individually and collectively to breakthrough existing ways of thinking and behaving. We believe that Psychological Safety provides the foundation for great relationships and great work. Our approaches equip leaders to transform the moment and to inspire other people to change. We're a consulting company of organizational psychologists and leadership experts and we specialize in global delivery. We're based in Copenhagen and reach the whole world through our network of brave and talented associates who share our mission to "make global organizations safe for great work.
Mastermind is an independent consultancy firm that assists and enables its clients to undertake structural and complex change projects. The slogan ‘Passion for Results’ derives from the ‘topsport mindset’, that a Mastermind consultant brings into the workplace. Elements such as team dynamics, perseverance and confrontation are continuously applied in order to help clients achieve sustainable change. As gold medals ‘are not won in finals’, Mastermind assists its clients in every phase – from strategic advice, ‘hands-on’ support to actual business implementation. All Mastermind projects are executed with a sincere compassion and respect for the people involved and a sense of humour that can put the most complex problems and heated discussions into perspective.